Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Perfect Day

After another quick trip to the grocery store for a dozen eggs and some chocolate, we got underway at noon, just in time for Al to take a work call and make some money!  Here he is slaving away in the hold....err, the little office nest he created in the v-berth.

He set up the course on the chart plotter ahead of time so that all I really had to do was pay attention, and make small adjustments at appropriate times.  Other boats can make me a little nervous, and my heart sped up once or twice, but I managed just fine until Al emerged to take over.  I brought us past Dungeness and towards Sequim Bay.

Always vigilant for numerous crab pots, sometimes birds can confuse us.  You can hear us occasionally say 'Another bird pot!'  Unlike driving down a highway when you hope the birds will fly away before you hit them, birds here as often as not just dive and disappear!

Al took over and took us through the tricky part into the bay, past the John Wayne Marina, and up to Schoolhouse Point where we are now tied to a mooring buoy at the Sequim Bay Marine State Park.

We first landed at the dock, filled out our registration, then took our books and walked up the hill to a shelter house where we read for a pleasant hour, listening to birds and the rain.

It's now dinner time on Sequim Bay, but the life and death drama happening all around us is fascinating!  We pulled away from the dock to tie to a mooring buoy--the water is deeper out here, and there will be a minus-tide in the morning.  As Al leaned over the rail to grab the ring, we heard a large fish jump.  We had also observed many small fry jumping near the dock, so small that we couldn't really see the fish, just the rings from their jumps on the water.

Suddenly, I hear a sound like a handful of pebbles thrown forcefully into the water, but I see it is a cloud of inch-long fish jumping clear of the water, AND the large fish that follows them!  A salmon!

Now as I write, there is a gang of seals that have come into the bay, and they are feeding on the salmon.  The circle of life.

A perfect day!  A little work to make a little money, a little sun, a little rain, a little walk, a little relaxation, and a little drama.  Steak and sweet potatoes for dinner, and a little piece of dark chocolate.  Mmmmm.

And at the end, a rainbow.

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  1. Yes it does sound like a perfect day. I bet it is days like this that you feel absolutly positive in your decision for this lifestyle.