Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Boat Yard

This is what happens to stainless steel after 5 years in fresh water!  It would be even worse in salt water, hence the replacement with bronze.
Why did Al drill a HOLE in perfectly good boat?!  Actually he drilled  THREE holes, and he installed a grounding plate for the SSB radio.

Fresh paint!

A simple project that took lots of time.  We removed the 450 feet of anchor chain, and added  300 feet of 1' line to the end before reloading it all.  The most  IMPORTANT step--attach it to the boat!

The yard was really busy!  They were even double-stacking.

The finest in boatyard attire!  Al has been 'saving' two sets of clothing and  these shoes for this project.  He, and I, really enjoyed tossing them in the garbage!

Back into the water!

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