Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Weekend!

We had a blast in Anacortes last weekend with the Cascadia Sail Association sail-in.  Al has been on their email list for some time, lurking, as Viking Star is a power boat, and this IS a SAIL association.  But we were welcomed anyway, and had a great time!  I even wore a flower boa home from dinner on Saturday, awarded to 'the Aliens among us'.

We were present when Destiny was 'painted Merlot'.  We heard lots of stories about 'last year'.  We drank Duck Farts.  We served Mimosas at the Saturday breakfast, including Diane's first ever.  We had a hard time keeping up with this hearty group, and with the 'Spring Ahead' time change also bringing us down a bit, decided to just hold out in Anacortes for the expected bad weather, and to nap.

Good decision.  All the rest of the group cleared out Sunday morning to reach destinations before the weather, and so far as we know, all were safe, though perhaps bounced around quite a bit.  One boat we know was going to stay a few days in the San Juans before going on to their home on Vancouver Island.

Sorry no pictures.  Maybe we will post if someone has any we like...

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