Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rocky Raccoon

How about a non-bird post?

Introducing Rocky Raccoon, as we call him.  We have seen several raccoons wandering the water's edge and were surprised at first to see them during daylight hours.  We had assumed that raccoons are mainly active at night.  This population doesn't seem frightened by humans, though they do skitter when we make known somehow that we are watching.  One time one walked right alongside the boat, and when I said 'There's Rocky!' to Al, the raccoon instantly climbed over the dock rail and peeked back at me from there.

Every time we talk about Rocky,  the Beatles song runs through my mind.  I even looked up the lyrics, and it's not at all a happy song.

Besides walking the rim of the harbor, they also climb under the docks!  It's hard work to make a meal, I guess.





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