Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cost to Cruise - Costs for March

Joby Gorillatorch Flare
Here are the costs for March. Overall, we seem to be doing well, some notes:

Maintenance / Upgrades centers around generator fuel leak (replaced return line with 3/16" hose), purchased this cool ‘Spider Light’ - am thinking we might be able to use it on the aft deck as a reading light this summer.

I also purchased an Arduino Uno Starter Kit. This is a small single board computer I am thinking of playing around with to created a more intelligent alternator regulator for the Kubota generator. Plus it brings back memories of 35+ years ago when I was messed around with KIM (KIM-1 that is....)

We spent a LOT of time in transient moorage this month, more than is reflected in the costs as we also got our deposit refunded from Friday Harbor. We had the Cascadia boat-in at Anacortes, plus we spent several days there waiting out storms. And La Conner to make the train coming and going.

Groceries and Dining Out are a bit higher largely due to Kristi's trip down South - is also what makes up the Transportation category. And medical hit us again, with a back billing of increased insurance rates from the first of the year, and one last medical invoice the insurance company would not pay - even after we coordinated with them in January before leaving Friday Harbor.

9 month average! Getting close to that Full Year view! Will we make $3,000 / mo average? (Little hope for $2,000 I think.)


  1. One can learn a lot from UNO. The Korean children love that game! heheheh

  2. I just looked at your AIS link. Great gadget to have. Thanks for putting it on.

    1. Glad you like it! We may run, but we can't hide!