Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend in Sharpe Cove

Deception Pass is I understand one of the most used parks on the state of Washington. It contains several distinct camp grounds, day use areas, and at least three names moorage points. We have spent several nights in Cornet Bay which is in the South East part of the overall park. This weekend I picked up a spot on the North West side. It might commonly be known as Bowman Bay, but in fact is a small cove just adjacent to Bowman called Sharpe Cove. Both are on the ‘other side’ of Deception Pass from Cornet Bay and have an unrestricted view of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Our guide book did not have many good things to say about this Sharpe Cove – Too Shallow, Too restricted by many rocks and reefs (including one named Coffin Rock), clogged with Kelp, Poor Anchorage holding, plus exposed to ‘Ocean Swells’. But - it has a dock connected to land (Bowman Bay proper has an isolated dock and several mooring buoys). Being as I had spent almost a week on Viking star, the prospect of getting off was rather appealing! And as I had missed slack in deception Pass it was Sharpe or Bowman.

I nosed in slowly while watching the forward looking depth finder, then poled the water to double check after I got settled. There is plenty of water. I figure about 6’ at the head of the dock with a 0-tide. Given the current neap tides, we are ok. (A minus Spring tide might be more of a problem). I also noted there was a rather inconvenient placing of a piling about 2/3 the way down the East side of the dock! Why not at the end??? Oh Well, in the end it comes to this: There is sufficient water for Viking Star as long as we are not in a minus tide, and as long as we can get the West side of the dock.

Ko-Kwal-alwoot as she became
And what a great place this is! I will say it is perhaps one of the most used parks we have been to; this nice weekend there must have been at least 3-400 people between here and Bowman. Walking, picnicking, kayaking. Here in Sharpe Cove sitting on the beach - tossing rocks seems to be the pass time. There is a well used tide pool area, a bit too well used as signs indicate 20 or so years ago the weekend crowd trampled the whole area to death – latterly. They now have stainless steel pins marking a requested path, letting the rest of the area recover.

Ko-Kwal-alwoot (the Deception Pass Maiden). A classic story of Forbidden Love which ends in triumph and tragedy. There is a carving in her honor, and I noted this web site repeats the story as told on signs around the monument:

Last night Rosario Head provided a site for the best Sunset of 2012 – so far. Tonight might be even better as an approaching Low is pushing some high clouds and mist ahead of it.

Tomorrow I will make my way through the pass and take a buoy at Hope Island. Then head on LaConner after my Work Work phone calls Monday. Kristi’s train gets in around 9pm. I will be able to take a bus out to the station, but with the last run at 8pm we will be looking for a taxi – or perhaps seeing if we can hitch a ride back to La Conner. I am looking forward to Kristi being back with me, and 1st thing we will have some hard decisions to make. That approaching low I am looking forward to tonight will being rather dramatic weather most all of next week (It is a big one they say).

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