Sunday, March 25, 2012

They're Out!

This weekend was one of the nicest weekends so far. Good temperatures, moderate winds, smooth seas. And that seems to have brought out the Boaters! I have seen more recreational boaters out on the water this weekend then the total combined since we left Friday Harbor in February. Why all four of the mooring buoys are taken here at Hope Island, plus there is one more boat anchored! Oh well, always the tradeoffs . . . At least we can hope for mid-week to be relatively uncongested.

And it looks like our Park Host application / background check went through. Yesterday I received a call from a desperate Ranger in Eastern Washington asking if we would be able to host for him. It took me a while to get across that we lived on our boat (He started talking about Boat Ramps, etc.) After explaining that we had a rather LARGE boat, and would need a Semi to move it (45', 18 tons, etc..) he got the problem. I felt bad we could not help out, esp given the financial constraints parks are under these days. But at least we know our application has passed. Guess we will be Hosting Blake Island a couple of weeks in August.

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  1. Oh Fun! You guys will be perfect hosts!