Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just bouncing around…

What has Al been up to with Kristi away this week? After seeing her off on the Amtrak Starlight I had over an hour to kill, so I walked a bit around Mount Vernon. This is a town we have only seen from I-5 - with its noticeable Tulip painted on an old water tower. Downtown is a snapshot of Old Town America: Train station, paralleled by a couple of streets containing the City Hall and Jail, Libraries, department stores, Furniture stores and more. Most of the building showing dates from the mid to late 1800’s. I got some breakfast at the Co-Op where they sold Food by the Pound. After taking the bus back to LaConners I did one last provisioning run and called my God Mother (HOW could I not call her on Saint Patrick’s Day!!!) That evening featured a massive plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage and a promised toast of Jack D.

Next morning was a trip to the Scone Lady, moving to the local pump out where I also topped off the water tanks. It was then decision time: North or South… South would take me back to Coronet Bay, while North targeted Cypress Island. In the end I let my feelings direct me, what did I FEEL like doing?

North it was. To Eagle Harbor. Compounding this decision was a strong front was scheduled to arrive that night with winds peaking 50kts and 7’ waves predicted. Kristi and I have ridden out some strong winds from the SE in this harbor, but nothing this high. Despite being largely open to the East there is one buoy we have found suitable. Even so it was with apprehension that I prepared the boat for the night, putting things away and tripling up on the mooring line. (1 primary plus 2 fall backs). I also set the GPS for a very tight anchor alarm in case the mooring itself failed.

That night it did get windy. Up to the promised 60+ kts peaks and 7’ waves (per NOAA Buoy 86088). However in our protected spot the wind gauged peaked at only 44kts. When I went to bed the winds were the mid to upper 30kts with the waves a manageable solid 2’. Things went well through the night till I got tossed up a bit around 3:30am (what is it with 3am anyway??). Seems the wind had died; and it was the winds that had kept Viking Star pointed into the waves. When the wind died she went sideways. Arg. Oh Well. After about an hour things calmed down. Just funny that I only got knocked around when the wind STOPPED!

This week has been rather busy with Work Work. Two specs are beginning the process of closing on a revised raft. So there are a lot of key decisions that need to be made, and hence a lot of assessment and input needed from their consultant! Wednesday I got a break. I changed the fuel filter, inspected the generator (that one suspect motor mount is 100% gone..), and got a lot of reading in. Even spent some time outside in the sun! Today I had a phone call and some Emails to answer. Have a load of Laundry in the washer now and a loaf of Sour Dough bread doing its final rise. Figure I will pop it into the oven when I get this blog post done.

Have been sleeping OK despite the lack of Kristi (and that one 3am). But I also am using THE WHOLE BED! And I am waking during the night, but just turn on the lights grab my book and read till I fall asleep again (hoping not to lose my place). Though I have been OK with Kristi away it is with the knowledge that this is a short time. I am looking forward to her arriving Monday.

I am currently reading “Passage to Juneau” by Jonathan Raban. It is a based around a trip from Seattle to Alaska in a small sail boat and talks to the trip, the places now and past as well as Captain Vancouver’s travels on these waters. Was interesting to recognize the places mentioned in the beginning of the book that we have been to, and am looking forward to getting to the places we have not been to yet!

Friday I am thinking of checking out James’s Island, see if they have put the dock back yet. If not will continue down to Deception Pass park. Then through the pass Sunday in preparation to meeting Kristi in LaConner Monday evening. Looking forward to it.

Followup: Just finished “Passage to Juneau”; did not like the ending... Its 5am, and I am fully awake for the day. Brewing a pot of coffee, eating the rest of yesterdays bread - it is a bit salty, will cut that in half next time.

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