Monday, April 23, 2012


Today we took a break from work -- yes, real work -- and took a walk to the other side of the island.  The water in the bay seem unusually clear this afternoon, and the tide was out.  Al found a log to sit on, and sat there contemplating while I moved closer to the water, beach pebbles crunching with my footsteps.

At the corner of the bay, I moved up towards the driftwood line, searching all the while for anything of interest. And I found my first beach glass!  It was a bit of a mine field, and I amassed a small pocketful of brown, green, white, aqua, and a prized piece of lavender glass, sharp edges rounded and shine buffed away by the salty waves.

Unfortunately, we also found a bunch of sea plastic as well!   After seeing an amount of trash yesterday on our walk, today we brought a bag along to gather what we found.  It was more than full of our find.  The overflow was a crab pot buoy and a hunk of styrofoam.  And here is merely a pocketful of plastic, to contrast my pocketful of sea glass:

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  1. Pretty sea glass, you should do an art project!