Monday, April 30, 2012

My Runneth Over!

From Jones Island, we headed to Friday Harbor to reprovision.  When we started adding up all the things we wanted to accomplish in Friday Harbor, AND we realized that it was Friday and Burger Night at the VFW, AND that if we bought one more night at the marina we would earn a free night to use another time, we decided to bite the bullet.

We went out for coffee, filled the water tank, did many loads of laundry, brought new Canadian friends Barry and Donna along for those burgers, got more coffee the next morning, and bought over $200 of groceries!

I have learned about packing a fridge and can now use nearly every cubic inch -- all but that middle tray on the door.  Anything put there just falls out when we open the door.  On the bottom shelf we can tuck things behind bottle necks and they stay fairly well.

We topped off the water once again, and headed for Parks Bay across the channel.  I had observed a flock of small birds swimming across the bay, back and forth, and the next morning they came closer.  They had orange feathers!  This was new.  My bird book told me they were Horned Grebes in breeding plumage.

Two males and a female

We only spent the one night in Parks Bay and then went to Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island.  We met Dick and Cheryl aboard Paradox there.  They were pulling in to Friday Harbor just as we were leaving, and we arranged to meet here.  We met them at the Power Squadron cruise in Anacortes a couple weeks ago.

We have been watching lots of Buffleheads here in Prevost, and listening to eagles, but this morning I saw a couple of ducks that looked different.  It was my first sighting of Harlequins!  I wish my camera could see as clearly as my binoculars do.

We will be staying here for a couple more days.

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  1. You need these little bars we have in the RV to put across the are where you want to make stuff stay in place. Probably could get them at an RV store. you twist them to the size you need, slide it on to the door and your stuff stays in place. Patti