Saturday, April 21, 2012

Disappointments and Pleasures

I have been yearning for breakfast at Cafe Olga again for some time.

While staying in Blind Bay a couple days ago, we made plans to do just that.  Yesterday we moved over to Orcas Landing for groceries and Al suggested we continue on to Obstruction Pass State Park to be that much closer to Olga.

However, as we passed south of Olga on the way to the point, we could see through binoculars that the dock at Olga, removed for winter, has not yet been re-installed.  Being we are not anxious to drop the dinghy at this time (I know, are we just lazy?  No, it takes a lot of effort to drop it AND pick it up again, since we don't want to tow it around until nicer weather is more of a guarantee.)  I grudgingly agreed that we would have breakfast on the boat.

Mind you, it WAS a good breakfast!  Chicken/Apple sausages and fried eggs!  But I had been looking forward to a huge cinnamon roll and coffee someone else had made!  It will probably be a few weeks before we come around this point again.

This place does have some pleasures to it.  We stayed here a few days last fall, and pronounced it one of our favorite places.  The waves scrub the stones into flat pebbles, and the loons fish and cry.  Twice we have spotted deer on the beach.  And enough people, dogs and children have explored the beach that we feel far from isolated.  Sometimes that is nice.

Overlooking the boat is what I have come to call my current Ideal, if I was shopping for a land home.  It is a one bedroom, one bath log cabin with a loft, a fireplace, and a porch facing the sunset.  It is NOT presently for sale, and was last sold in 1996 ... at least that's what Zillow says.  Unfortunately, it sits on almost 2 acres of land, which I am sure is what pushes it WAY out of my price range, to TWICE what we paid for our 4200-square-foot, 5 bedroom house in Beaverton!

Well, it's a nice dream.

So we will stay and enjoy this view for one more night.  Last night I noted that we can see SEVEN islands from here.  And the multitudes of stars visible away from city lights shone so brightly.

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