Saturday, April 7, 2012


We have said before, that perhaps the thing we miss most about the cruising lifestyle is not having a 'home'.

It was first noted and expressed, perhaps, when we returned to Lion's Ferry on the Snake River, when we were 'recognized' by the staff on our trip back downriver.  (To read about THAT experience again, and the comments...go to

Maybe our 'home' is now San Juan Island, because our coming back began this morning when we went to Roche Harbor to the Lime Kiln Cafe for donuts.  We pulled open the door, and before we even stepped inside, we saw a familiar face.  Steve-from-the-Power-Squadron/security-guy-for-the-Port-of-Friday-Harbor was in line ahead of us!  Unfortunately, he was wearing a sling, and we heard that he'd had shoulder surgery and had subsequently retired from his Port job.  BUT, it was great to be recognized by someone!

Then, as we came in to Friday Harbor, we saw a man on the dock, waving!  He was waving at US!  It was another Steve, a new friend we met at Reid Harbor on Stuart Island, come to welcome us back to Friday Harbor and share some information he had about finding Port Orford Cedar.

We visited our favorite coffee shop, the Bean, of course!  And then on our walk back to the boat, we heard someone yelling, several times, 'HEY YOU!', and we finally turned around and saw friend Samantha chasing us down from the Windemere Realty office.  Samantha also attends St. David's Episcopal Church which we attended last winter, and she lent us her pickup truck for a very good day! (

Back at the boat, we call friends Art and Raye, and their daughter Shawn answers the phone 'Welcome Home!' when she hears who it is.

Awwww.  It is SO nice to be in familiar surroundings with familiar faces.  I admit I am missing the 'home' of my kids and grandkids (today is grandson Troy's 8th birthday)....but it is still nice to have this sense of homecoming today.

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