Tuesday, April 17, 2012

James Island

Last Friday on our way to Anacortes for the Power Squadron cruise, we ran past James Island to see whether the docks had been re-installed after the winter.  They had!  So that put James Island at the top of our 'Where shall we go next?' list.

It was a beautiful day, and the trip across Rosario Strait was very comfortable.  We rounded the island and saw that the dock was empty -- we could choose which side we would like.  Having done a starboard tie previously, and having some difficulty getting pushed off the dock, we set up for a port tie this time.  I'd say though, that with tides, currents, and winds ever changing in this little cove, it made little difference being on this side.

Al had asked whether I would rather be bow in, for a view of the island, or bow out.  It was my opinion that the island would be a more interesting view.  After docking, though, Al reminded me of a suggestion from Nick and Gail from Destiny.  They tend to set their anchor while 'bow out', backing into a bay.  That way, if waves start coming in they have the 'pointy end' of the boat facing that way, along with the anchor set in the appropriate direction. Perhaps tying 'bow out' would be a good choice at some docks also, James being one.

With fenders set and lines rigged, we pulled toward the dock, and a small boat also began their approach.  They were heading for the other side of the dock, and we both arrived at the same time.  Karen and Dave were very friendly sorts, and their daughter Rachel soon woke and emerged, asked if she could look around in our boat, and then reported to her parents that we had a SHOWER and a TOILET!  Another couple soon pulled up and joined the chat.  After both those parties left, another boat arrived -- a father and two daughters, and a dog.  They went to shore to prepare a meal, and later we took a stroll, and had a pleasant conversation with them also.

Yesterday a small sailboat brought campers to the other side, a couple of kayakers spent the night as well, and another boat joined us on the dock.  James is a busy island!

Al has named the Raven couple that hang out here, Fred and Ethel.

We call this 'the question mark tree'

Close up of some very lush moss

It must have been a holiday for slugs!  We have never seen so many! Here is a large family having a feast.

Viking Star at the dock

NOT an eagle.  It's a turkey vulture!  I could see his red head with the binoculars, and he had a couple of friends along.

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