Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things That….. Did Not Work Out. Scott Zweisel ‘Titanium’ Crystal glasses

We live on our boat. And we want to LIVE, not CAMP. So some things we just draw a line at. Things like Paper plates, and Plastic Cups. Did have one set of Acrylic water glasses, but tossed them after a couple of years when they got all crazed.

So, we have china plates, metal silverware. Glass 16oz ‘Pint’ Beer Glasses, and several sets of Scott Zweisel ‘Titanium’ Tritan Crystal glasses. We purchased these as they were advertised (and demoed, see some of the Youtube videos!!) to be highly break resistant.

Well, we are on our 4th set of Scott Zwiesel products, and am sad to say am not impressed with the glasses (e.g. the 9.6oz Whiskey glasses). We have a set of Wine glasses and Champagne flutes – these have held up OK. But I have not dropped them in the sidewalk like their demo video shows. However, we have just about worked through our 2nd set of tumblers. All have broken under ‘light use’ while washing them by hand. Just like this one pictured here. A pity as we really do like the glasses, their size and weight are just right.

Will say we have lost a couple of wine glasses as well – one when washing, hit it just the wrong way against the sink, and the other when it fell 2’ onto the top of the cast iron stove. Well, maybe if it has been a concrete surface as opposed to cast iron the glass would have survived?

These are a pleasure to use, and have been very happy with them in that regard. But we have not seen the ‘indestructible’ nature from them. For our next round we will get a good set of regular glasses, as these do not seem to be worth the premium one pays.

And no way will I be reduced to drinking from Plastic! Awk, a good single malt in an Acrylic glass? Might as well add some Coke in there. . . .

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