Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ah, Spring!

Admittedly, we weren't in the San Juans at this time last year.  But even last year's July didn't present many days like the long string we have had here the past few weeks.  Yes, it can still get pretty cold, but the solar heater has been working quite well! (Sun shining through our big windows)

Yesterday we took a short walk, a mile, on the Prevost Loop at Stuart Island.  We saw these cute little flowers, the bloom only and inch or so big.  They remind me of Lady Slippers, the Minnesota state flower, but I know those to be MUCH bigger.  I took this photo, and my Audubon field guide tells me it is a Fairy Slipper.  Awww.  The name is as cute as the flower.  And it is a member of the orchid family.

The moss has lost the vibrancy we saw when we were on the island a couple of weeks ago, yellowing a bit from the bright Kelly green we saw then.  This is a type of moss I don't remember seeing before.  It reminds me of feathers, especially the area where it was actually a bit brown.

We moved up to Sucia earlier today, and when Al returned from registering he said there were baby geese, looking like it was their very first outing.  He also found oysters, and he is VERY excited about a seafood dinner tonight.  I will be having leftovers  -- and I am NOT complaining!

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