Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Back on 'The Horse'

They say that when you are thrown from a horse, you need to get back on!

So today, after Al re-torqued the injector pump cover screws to specification and safety wired them.  He then attached one of our three spare anchors to take the place of the one that got corkscrewed.  And then he started the engine and let it run while he showered up.

No leaking, so let's go!

Again, I was putting away the dishes on the way out, and when I finished, I looked up and thought 'My, this looks familiar...'  We were in the almost identical spot where yesterday's incident all began.  Al had set a mark on the GPS yesterday, and we confirmed it.  So today Al set a red X on our chartplotter to remember.

Now, to share the highlight of yesterday afternoon.  During our 'decompression' time, I noticed this goose family heading straight for the boat.

We so enjoy seeing the babies every year.  Last year in Portland we didn't see very many, and I fear that the high water flooded out the nests. (ducks too)  Most of the geese here are quite shy of people, but this group was making a straight line for the boat.  I grabbed my camera and quietly opened the door.

We've got a couple of leaders here!

Come on!  Let's see what's on the other side!

Please, Ma'am.  Have you any food?

She's going round to the other side....I'll race you!

Feeding of the wildlife is greatly discouraged here, and our diet does not include breads or crackers, so no, we did not have any goose food.  I wonder if these are migrants who have visited Portland, where geese are not afraid of people and think they mean 'FOOD!'

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