Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Do Park Hosts Do?

We are learning.

Al worked very hard yesterday, pulling ivy and sweeping restrooms.  I took a walk with Mark and Lauresa, picking up litter and moving branches off the path.  Then I took some time to soak up some sunshine and develop some tan lines.

We finished up with some fun!  The International Yacht Club asked us to judge their costume contest.  We thought all these pirates were a bit too clean and sweet-smelling, but they were all having a good time!

Though he brought his parrot on a leash, we chose the second man from the left because his t-shirt said 'The beatings will continue until morale improves' and he even brought a big stick to make sure! (Disguised as a crutch)

The ladies were a tougher decision, but the one with the most 'bling' won.  You can't see it very well here, but the lady at the center had a very sparkly belt.

There's always time to watch what's going on around you.  There were four eagles soaring over the boat yesterday afternoon.

Today, several parties were scared off by the weather forecast.  As the day progressed, we came to see that  they had all left during the worst weather of the day!  That's okay, more island for the rest of us.

It appears someone has been working on a labyrinth

Sweet Peas on the beach

Sedums in bloom

Sedums close up

The creepy crawlers gave me the 'creepy crawlies'!

Today, much of our afternoon was spent sorting payment envelopes by camping, moorage, and permit holders, recording payments and counting money.  We do feel that we saved the ranger several hours at this task, as it took Al and I both working together a couple of hours to get through the collection, from many areas of Sucia, and also Patos and James Islands.

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