Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Seafood Feast!

Feast on the Barbie!
May 1st was opening season for Ling Cod here, and as Kristi mentioned several people around us had great luck - even to the point of passing on a few fresh cut fillets as we left Stuart Island. Upon arriving here I found quite a few Oysters. So, it was a Sea Food Feast for me! (Kristi had left-over Hot Dish - her choice...) There is nothing like fresh seafood, and it does not get any fresher than catch and eat. A couple of green onions, salt and pepper. And boy, was the Ling Cod good. A few Oysters on the side. Ummmm.

Here they are!  1st round :-)
Kristi was talking to her folks yesterday, and her mom reminded us that one is only supposed to eat Oysters in months that contain an "R" in it. However, for those of us in the PNW we have been spelling the 5th month Mayuary for the past few years :-)

Tools that are in Oyster Nightmares

This was my 1st time EVER collecting Oysters. Here they cling to rocks, so one needs to pry them off. Except those that have the misfortune of attaching to a small rock, those I just picked up the oyster, rock, and all..They were so good, that later that day at the next low tide I went back and collected 4 more. These I just shucked and sucked down.

 Wow - this is the life! 

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  1. Those tools are an Oyster Shucker's nightmare as well!