Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buddies at British Camp

Brian brought us Chives and Thyme, so Viking Star now has an herb garden!

Last night we anchored in Gerrison Bay.  It was the first time using the 'new' 75lbs CQR anchor.  (Actually, one of the 'spare' anchors Al dug out of the lazarette).  Even I could FEEL it set!  (We also anchored in Deer Harbor a few hours this afternoon to visit our friend Peter Fromm's Gallery.  Again, stopped the boat with a jerk-- NOT going anywhere with this one!)

So here 'the boys' are, loaded into the dinghy for a trip to shore.  Part of my plan to avoid testosterone poisoning this week is to spend SOME time alone, so I happily stayed behind on Viking Star while Brian and Al explored British Camp.

I do admit, I kind of kept an eye out for them, saw them walking around from building to building.  Then I saw them taking a load off.  Thank you zoom, for this shot of two old buddies on a park bench!

The water is so calm.  Here is the view of British Camp from Viking Star.  Young Hill is in the background.

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