Friday, May 25, 2012


This hosting thing is having a bit of an unexpected effect on me.  And I think I can only best describe it as being lonely.

I do say that I think Al is having a blast with the hosting responsibilities.  He loves to greet people and boats, cruise the campsites, sweep out the restrooms, and be an all-around handy guy!

But I am missing my companion.  Yes, I also go out and speak with fellow boaters, grab a line, answer questions, hand out matches, and pet dogs.

But lately I feel like I don't have anyone to TALK to.  Again, there is no-one who really KNOWS me here but Al, and he has been quite busy away from me this past week.  This man who I can have a conversation with, without even saying a word.  Who can come back to the boat after his last rounds and 'hear' my misery and asks immediately 'Are you okay?'

Oh, I think it is so important to do things like volunteering and giving back to the community we enjoy so much.  But I look forward to only four more days this time, and getting my husband back.


  1. Sounds So Al! I gave a friend of Derek's who cruises around the islands your names and name of you boat. His name is Justin. Lives in Bremerton. Says he is going to Blake this weekend. Not sure of his boat name. If you run into him it was me telling him about how friendly you BOTH are!

  2. Hi Patti! We are going to Blake NEXT weekend, probably, on our way to the south Sound. We will keep an eye out for a 'Justin'. Do you know HIS boat name?