Friday, May 11, 2012

Buddy on the Boat

On Wednesday we picked up Brian in Anacortes.  He was the Best Man at our wedding, and remains the Best Buddy.  We are giving him a grand tour of the San Juan Islands, and the first stop was Sucia.  I had thought I was done with Sucia for awhile, but the boys wanted oysters, so here we are!

Waiting for the feast

Walking wounded
Brian found out how sharp barnacles are when he stumbled while helping Al gather the oysters.  He claims it looks worse than it feels.  It gave Al a chance to practice his first aid skills, and clean out many odds and ends in our medical kit.  

I took the opportunity of a solo walk and ended up taking over 160 photos, stopping several times to enjoy the quiet and solitude on a corner of the island.  I heard the grunt of some dabbling ducks, geese flew by honking all the way, a sea lion surfaced and blew several breaths just off shore, and I climbed a ridge and watched the sun lower towards the horizon.  Mmmmmmmmmmeditation.


  1. Looks like a nice wrap Al. Just want to make sure you wrap from "toes to nose" with an ace. Can cut off circulation toward the toes if swelling occurs. :-) Nurse Patti

  2. My leg really wasn't all that bad. Besides, while Kristi was on her nature walk, Al and I finished off the day with a great meal of fresh oysters, washed down with a splash of bourbon, ( the bourbon was for the pain of course,) and cigars to wrap up another perfect day and evening cruzin the San Juan Islands with my very special friends.