Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And then there was a Sign...


This one took me overnight to finally get - but I think I got it.  After setting anchor in False Bay on Lasqueti Island I noticed this small rock island, mostly because of all its Oysters just awaiting for the taking (and yes, I did confirm this on the website I have  titled 'You May Die in Canada').

Those White Clusters get even more present when the tide drops.  Will be checking them out on the next outgoing tide, just thinking of Oysters on the BBQ, and oh wait - Pan-fried Oysters.   Oh Ya, that is it - YUM....

But wait, what is that Red thing on this rock island.  I got out the binoculars to take a closer look and yup.  It is a Fire Hydrant, abeit a plastic one, but still a full-sized fire hydrant.  

Actually a rather Clear Sign. . . .

And then it dawned on me.  This was a sign.  Along the topic of other signs we have occasionally seen while cruising - though most of them have words and say things like 'Private property' or 'No Trespassing, no landing'.   But this one is actually just as clear - this sign says 'bring your dog HERE to crap, not on my front yard'.

Yup, a clear sign.   And a sign that perhaps I should look just down the way for Oysters.

It does bring up a topic Kristi and I have talked about some, pets onboard - specifically Dogs.  The twice or three times daily task of rowing Fluffy to shore, unless you either have them mat-trained or cork them for the trip.     But I also think about this from the property owner's viewpoint: 'Man, a bunch of boaters who bring their big-ass dog to take a dump in my yard'.   Ya, am sure THAT would go over well back home.....   

Just one of those not-talked-about-much cruising things I guess.

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  1. Its a huge reason why we'd never have a dog onboard. When I'm having a leisurely morning coffee on the aft deck and I see a neighbour loading the pooch into the dinghy I just say a quiet "no thank you". My favourite kind of dog is somebody else's.