Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ed's note - SPAMers on the increase??

This past 10 days Viking Star has received 4 'spam' comments, you know - those comments that talk about How Appreciative they are for the So Very Insightful and Informative posts, how it changed their day/life, and they will be watching every hour to see more words of wisdom on the given topic.   And somewhere in there is a URL to a website selling something.  (the most clever one had this URL under their name!)

Well, we get informed every time a comment is added to any of our blogs.  And I quickly remove 'offensive' ones.  I do hope this trends does not increase, as we know of a few bloggers who  pre-filters comments, or even disables them all together.

As the Great Pooh once said "Oh bother. . . ."


  1. One of the really great things we love about wordpress is Akismet. I don't know if blogger has a plugin for it but it works great. One of our highest priorities on our blog was to make it fast and EASY for people to comment. Don't let the spammers win.

  2. Tate, Thanks - perhaps this is just a sign that is becoming more popular?? :-)

    Edited out another one today, and one that slipped by me. I can see the big contributions comments make on your blog, so for now will just keep an eye out for them.