Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Through the Cut, and On a Quest

This day started out like any other day for Kristi and I.  Well, perhaps a bit more adventure filled - see we had a mission.  One we had 1st started forming back in March when we came to Thetis Island the 1st time.  And one that was reinforced by a friend 'Pam' who tasked me with "Take Kristi through the cut and get Doughnuts. . ."   Ya, like I need encouragement to seek out Doughnuts.  My favorite, black coffee and three old fashion cake type Doughnuts.  No sprinkles, no frosting.  Just the doughnut.  So far:  Roche Harbor has top billing in this department.

Using what little internet connect we had, we google-mapped the local place named DoeNuts on Thetis, located the road that ended half way through the cut (so that we would not need to go all the way through, and then walk all the way back).  Was a little concerned about the low tide and if we would be able to make it across the mud flat to beach the dinghy.  But off we went.  With Kristi photo-documenting our trip - to be turned into a Quest.

Into the Cut.  We were at almost Low Tide, and though this is
dredged at Low Tide it almost dries out at some places.

Paradise Found!
Hard to see, but this is where Paradise is!  Yes, there was a large sign advertising "Paradise for Sale"

Now we know.

(and side note, sorry - Paradise seems to have been bought. The sign was taken down a few days later....)

Sleepy Seagulls annoyed by an intrusion

And this is 6" of water.  JUST enough to float our boat.

It was a wonderful float through the cut - made all the more better by the fact we had to cut the engine and pole our way across the shallows.  The tide was still ebbing a bit and that carried us lazily down the cut while we took in the scenery, checked out what Paradise looks like (they have a small dock as well with a dredged channel to it).

It was a great float.   Sadly, we did not find the end of the road and ended up coming out the other side of the cut.  Oh Well, just means a longer walk.  Fired up the motor and worked our way to the top of Telegraph Harbor where there is a community boat launch and a couple of floating docks.  We tied to one of the docks and walked up to the road.  DoeNuts to the East was the word.   And the trip, turning into a mission (on its way to a quest) continued.

As the Crow Flies, we walked out a mile.  This translates into 1.5+ miles in Road talk.  We braved traffic (ok, we noted perhaps 3 cars), noted Birds, admired the scenery, and walked past three small family farms (Yes, they do still exist!).  We also passed one of the worlds largest mosquito factories.  The little buzzers soon were on us, and despite picking up our pace, we had a cloud following each other.  Kristi commented that I looked like Pigpen with my cloud following me.

Feasting on Kristi, it was worse than the photo captures.
Hint:  Do not wear Leggings when transitioning mosquito areas, it just gives
the little buggers something to hold on tighter to.

But we continued.  Having NOT written down the address made it a little a little tougher, but despite the feasting going on we were enjoying being off the boat and getting a little exercise.   Well after awhile it became obvious we had passed DoeNuts.  Was wondering if it was at one of the farms we passed?  But there was no DoeNut sign on any of them....   Back we went, choosing to explore some of the side roads some more.  By now the desire for morning coffee and doughnuts was starting to fade.

Down a side road we spotted something interesting, a bed-n-breakfast, looked very nice sitting on the water overlooking Clam Bay. But what is that, another Sign, a Sign that says something.  Something remarkable, something wonderful.  A sign even surpassing DoeNuts.   A sign that said "Pizza"

Pizza!   Really?  Well, after being floated, marched, and feasted on we changed our goal.  DoeNuts be damned,  PIZZA was the new goal!  CEDAR BEACH OCEAN LODGE ( offers a range of accommodations as one would expect for a bed-n-breakfast, but they also offer PIZZA!  You need to order ahead of time (2-3 hours) either by calling, or just showing up .Pizza is good, prices are good, and the conversations are great.   We ordered a "Mary Special" for pickup at 6:00pm   The husband was rather adamant that if we wanted it at 6, ask for it at 5:30.  And yes, he was right...   (We learned a lesson here:  When I am off alone picking up something, take the handheld VHF so I can update Kristi) (Note from Kristi:  I was wondering how long to wait before calling the Coast Guard...)

We also learned that DoeNuts was no more.  It has been in three different locations, the last one at one of the farms we passed.  But as can be expected, it was a lot of work and just was not making the cut.  So, it was cut.

And with our new goal accomplished, or at least ordered, here might be the end of our Quest; except we did need to walk back the mile-as-the-crow-flies, past the mosquito farm.  We did get coffee at the  "Ice Cream Marina" (Telegraph Harbor Marina where Ice Cream is sold, as opposed to the Thetis Island Marina and Pub, aka the "Pub Marina") and made our run back to Viking Star.

And here might be the end of our Quest Story, except - Kristi decided she really wanted some Red Wine to go with our anticipated Pizza.   So, I ventured out back through the Cut to the Pub Marina (who also has a liquor store) and purchased a few bottles.  Then back  (Ok, I also sampled what the Pub had to offer as well....  Then back.)

And here . . .   (Enough of that).   Our appointed pickup time arrived and I dinghied over to their kayak shed and launch area.  The wind had picked up by then so I went alone.   6:00 turned into 6:30, actually almost 7 before the Pizza was ready.  Wonderful time to chat!   I wrapped the Pizza in a blanket and put it into a large plastic bag.  Good thing as the winds were over 20+ kts according to our 'bragger gauge'.  I felt like a cross between Moose Miller and that guy in one of those 'fisherman of the sea' paintings, head down, bashing through the waves on a dark and stormy night.   But I did make it back, we SOOO enjoyed the pizza (hence, no photos) - and the problem then became what to do with the box!

Oh Well.

If you want Pizza of your own, you can reach Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge at: 250-246-9770.   They say they deliver, not sure if this would include to the boat.   To reach them by dinghy, their kayak steps are in a little nook at:
     Latitude: 48°59.317'N
     Longitude: 123°39.227'W
      (Per ActiveCaptain, I did not use my personal GPS for this).

Look for the Red house, with the small red kayak shed (it has a Cedar Beach sign on it and is stuffed with plastic kayaks) to the east, head for the shed and look for the rock steps into the water  And side note:  She mentioned they would be closed for a few weeks this August, best to call ahead of time and make sure they have reopened...

DoeNuts to Pizza, with stories and interesting people in between.   Yup, this is what Cruising is about!

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