Friday, August 23, 2013

Jedediah Hike

This hike took place three days ago -- we are already across the Strait at Pender Harbour.  I am behind partly due to having no internet while at Jedediah.  Here we go.  LOTS of photos, so I'll just caption with short commentary.

Our first Jedediah sunset.  I love how the sun gilds the edges of the clouds sometimes.  An added highlight -- someone across the passage at Boho Bay is playing bagpipes!

Next morning, low tide.  We are surprised to see a huge rock in the bay (not on the charts).  Al takes a tour around Viking Star to see if one might be popping out below US!

A Parade!  Three identical boats, even to the dinghy.  Al called them PDQ Cats.

A lovely lavender lady

It's low tide, and we plan to be away for hours.  We need to haul the boat further up shore for the line to reach to something to secure it too.  Yes, the dinghy was floating when we returned. 

Someone built a 'shelter' complete with benches.  Al is standing in the firepit.

Deep Cove from another perspective.  The 'cats' are arriving, No. 2 is on the upper left.

This guy reminds me of the talking trees in The Wizard of Oz.

This map confused us for a moment, until we realized North was to the BOTTOM.  Odd, but it matched OUR orientation as we faced the sign.

A 'snake' log

Into the meadow

Most of the trees in the orchard -- pear, apple, walnut -- had sparse fruit.  The pears were most prolific.

Home Bay dries at low tide.  This is the view from the house.  There are several tents across the bay, and a couple of boats anchored behind the rock outcropping on the right.

Sad to see the house and other buildings decaying.

We cannot escape airplane noise.

Home again.  You can see that big rock has been covered with water now, and there is about 8 feet to go before high tide.

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