Saturday, August 24, 2013

Away to Pender!

On our last day at Jedediah, we were all alone in our anchorage.  Al had some projects to work on, and I put on a bikini and soaked up some rays.  Then -- what's this? -- two sail boats approach to do a rafted stern tie.  We watch for a while, of course.  And when it appears the man ashore / in the dinghy is having some trouble with his line tangling around the branch, Al offers to go to shore and assist.

THAT'S when the woman on the boat becomes more visible and vocal.  Hey.  She looks and sounds familiar.  I want to shout across 'Were you a pirate on Sucia last year?' but I figure I should wait until they are secure.  Then SHE says of Al, 'You look familiar!'  Yes, they HAD been pirates on Sucia, and I had given her the prize for best woman's costume.  Later, another couple came over from their boat in Deep Bay, and she said 'You gave ME a prize too!'  Her husband had won the best man's prize, and she had been his parrot.

We met the first couple last fall on Blake Island too.  VERY small world!

Thursday we crossed over to the mainland and Pender Harbour.

This view had me singing 'I Can See For Miles'.  And miles and miles and miles and miles!  When looking this direction, the Strait is open for 60-80 miles before landfall.  Al tells me that, based on height of eye and curvature of the earth, the ACTUAL number of miles I can see is only four.

Past the tip of Texada Island and toward Pender Harbour.  I don't know what that peak is really called, yet, but for now I will call it 'Sharp Tooth'.

Yesterday, we 'went to town' for coffee at Java Docks (it was okay) and to grocery shop.  We also walked up the hill to Rona, the hardware store, to buy velcro dots to mount the carving we bought from Gil on Penelakut.

On the way, we saw an interesting sign:

And a few more:

We didn't see any turtles though.

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