Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tied to Jedediah

From Spring Bay we were hoping to go to Scottie Bay, but one of our guide books said boats over 40 feet were not recommended to go in there.  We peeked, and pretty much agreed, so went on to Jedediah Island.

I remember when I told my Dad that we were going to Canada this summer he said, 'What's there to see up there?!'  On days like this....EVERYthing!  Jervis Island on the left, Paul Island on the right, Texada Island in the distance.

Deep Cove was deep, but narrow.  Viking Star seems HUGE up here...

We end up tied to Jedediah Island at White Rock Bay.

Clowns to the left of me ...

... jokers to the right.  Here I am, stuck in the middle with you!

In all the excitement of another stern-tie, I must have kicked something!  It looks a LOT worse than it feels.  My poor, dry, salty toes!


  1. OK - we need to talk about the toe pictures. NO MORE PICTURES OF TOES.

    Years ago I lived with my aunt & uncle for a couple of summers, part of my best-forgotten career as a farmer. My cousin, the vet, used to visit at mealtimes - funny how often that would work out. He and uncle Harold would often get into discussing some particularly gory procedure that Jerry had just completed and my aunt would invariably end the discussion with a firm "NOT OF GENERAL INTEREST".

    1. Lol. Sorry, did you read this at mealtime? I often worry about injuries happening on this cruising life. While hiking I'm always telling Al to 'Be careful! The last thing I need is to try to carry you back to the boat!' I honestly was surprised to look down and see my toe in this condition, though. I didn't feel a thing!