Friday, August 23, 2013

Shields Up!

Well you can blame it on "suki lee", as today I placed this blog's comments on moderator approval needed due to multiple SPAM postings from this user. does not have good filtering, ala there was no way I could block a user.  So, rather then block all comments - I will simply pre-approve them before they get posted.

Now, because at times we are out of range for a week or so, do not be alarmed if it takes awhile to get through and approve them.

And as to Suke Lee, I am sure he will get on with life just fine.



  1. Al,

    I was particularly upset about your moderating of comments (irrational, I know). So I started digging around to see if Akismet can be used on blogspot or blogger. I found that it can but it is done in a round about way. You can use a third party to handle commenting on this blogs and those third parties implement these technologies along with other features on your behalf. I might suggest you give a try. Looks promising.


  2. Tate,

    Thanks for the link - will check it out. has rather fundamental capabilities, so for now it seems the choices are either read all comments B4 they get posted (as I have it set for now), or go in after the fact and delete the SPAMers...

    Will see what that link you provided has!