Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

For once, serendipity was on our side.  Most often we hear 'You should have been here yesterday!'...or last week, or last year.  

Or,  'There USED to be a donut lady'...or bakery boat ... or music festival.  But today?  We were in the right place at the right time.

We arrived at Lasqueti Island on Tuesday afternoon and set our anchor in False Bay.  We always hesitate to leave the boat immediately after anchoring, preferring to wait and observe and see how we move with the changing tide.  While we were waiting and observing, Al took the opportunity to give the dinghy and the cabin house a freshwater scrub.  I dusted and vacuumed and changed the bed sheets.  And then it was dinner time.

So we didn't leave the boat until the next day, afternoon, and after the morning rain showers had dispersed. We learned a lot about what to find on Lasqueti from Colette, who heard us asking questions of each other as we climbed up from the dock.  Following her directions, we had pie and coffee at MaryJane's.  Travelling up the hill, we found the site for Thursday's Art Picnic.  Even further, we found Joy in her gift shop, Crystals and Chamomile.  Joy told us of a living maze that some Swiss basket-weavers had created behind the elementary school (where we also frightened some feral sheep), and the 'Free Store' that was presently closed but many things were on the porch.  We found a couple of books, and peeked in the window.  We may visit again.

But the BEST thing to happen yesterday was the marimba concert on the dock.  We had seen the signs around 'town', and heard that 'if it's not raining, you should go!'

We returned to the boat for a quick dinner, and could see rain approaching across the Strait.  So we were setting up to watch a movie instead, but just as we were about to press the 'Play' button, we heard music!  So we gathered the dinghy lights, turned on the anchor light, donned our coats and set out!  The closer we got the harder it rained.  

But truthfully?  I think the rain added so much to the evening!  We were just a bunch of human beings, moving to the beat, and enjoying the WHOLE experience.  The raindrops ran down our faces like tears, past wide smiles.

I loved this guy on the bass.  He made us move to the beat, AND made the rain dance too!  

Most of the rest of the group, Makeke.

There was singing too!

Colette and Paul.  Colette was the friendly lady we first met on Lasqueti.

Al noticed this very direct sign at the top of the dock ramp!

"No place like home. . . "

A few people swam off the dock, and the Sisters Islets are in the distance.
Made us think of our friend Sharon.

Al found a girlfriend.  Or she found him!  She had 'left her stick, somewhere up the hill' and he helped to hold her steady while she visited.

Later, someone must have found it and brought it to her.

Sunset turned the sea a deep red/purple.  I wish the colors were more true.

They played until last light.

A video!!

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