Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blake Island

Blake Island is a Washington State Park, west of Seattle and south of Bainbridge Island.  It took us only about 45 minutes to get here from Bainbridge.  We explored just a little bit....

The headpiece on the lodge at Tillicum Village

One of several totem poles at the village

The deer here are not 'skittish'

Grand Fir


Western Hemlock

Viking Star with Seattle in the distance

The volleyball court.....Looks like a cat box, but it's really a 'goose box'


We have not ventured very far from the dock at Tillicum Village,  but we plan to be here for 4-7 days, so we should be  able to cover most of the trails in that time!

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  1. They have the BEST salmon dinner at Tillicum Village. We have taken our exchange students there to have lunch/dinner and see the cultural show. \