Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Wet Slipper

The colder weather has brought a condensation problem.  When warm moist air comes into contact with a cold object, water condenses on said cold object.  For example, the windows in the main cabin fog up when we are cooking or doing dishes.

Last week while Al was in Orlando, I discovered that a book of mine came in contact with the cabin wall, which was below a brass porthole, with a damp trail from the window to the book.  During clean-up I discovered that my ancient teddy bear was also damp.

I notified Al of the book casualty, and asked whether the moisture could be fixed by tightening anything on the portholes.  He said he had checked that previously.

Well, this morning when I got up, I was surprised to find my left slipper was quite wet when I stepped into it.  It was under the overhang of my drawers, which also had moisture dripping from it.  Sure enough, there was also wetness INside the drawers, and half of my clothes had absorbed significant amounts. The moisture trail was the porthole.  Not a good thing.

Drawers were pulled out, clothing put on hangers from the shower rail, water toweled up, portholes tightened, rain lessened, and time passed.  For the time being, things are dry.  We shall see what happens with the next significant rain fall.

Another cure may be lighting the Dickinson diesel stove.  That does a good job of drying the moisture from the air in the boat.  It also deposits soot on occasion.  Positives and negatives.

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