Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking at Fuel Usage

Yesterday we topped off the fuel tanks in preparation for Winter. Fuel is a bit less expensive in Anacortes than Friday Harbor...

We took on 145 gallons between the two tanks - the last time we fueled was at the end of July.  When fueling we do not Fill Them Up, but only until the fuel gauge reads 9 bars.  Yesterday we filled to 9 bars and then added 15 gallons extra per tank.  So to calculate our fuel usage for August and September we will back out 30 gallons - giving us 115 gallons used.  Taking a look at things:

August / Sept:
  • 115 Gallons Diesel Used
  • 121 Hrs on Kubota Generator / Watermaker
  • 121 Hrs on Hurricane Heater
  •   59 Hrs on Main Motor

Breaking it down:  Generator is estimated to use 0.25gph,  Hurricane is speced at .33gph.  Doing some math I come up with this allocation during the two months:

  • 40 Gallons used for Hurricane (20g per Month)
  • 30 Gallons used by Generator / Water Maker  (15g per Month)
  • 45 Gallons used by Main Motor  (22.5g per Month)

40 gallons for the Hurricane surprised me, but then we tend to run it twice a day:  in the morning for showers, evening to do the dishes.  And also when doing whites in the laundry.  I know our Hot Water heating setup is perhaps not the most efficient, but it sure it nice to have unlimited hot showers onboard.  Will be interesting to see how this number changes over the Winter heating months.

We have typically been motoring at a nice low 1300rpms - 6.5kts.  To be honest, this is a bit lower than our 'normal' 1400 rpms - 6.9kts, and much slower than the 1500rpm we touched while moving up the coast.  But we have not been in a hurry.  Quick division of hours and gallons gives us 0.77gph at 6+ kts.  Not bad for a 'Power Boat' 

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