Friday, October 7, 2011

What does it cost to Cruise? September

September was a more typical month for us in terms of Pure Cruising - with an exception of going to port to celebrate Kristi's Birthday.  Which does lead to an obvious conclusion if you are attempting to cut costs:   STAY OUT OF TOWN!  (and for me, keep off the Internet shopping as well!)

Ok, here are our costs for September:

Maintenance:       $184
Fuel:                      $9
Moorage:            $136
Groceries:           $428
Dining Out:          $390
Personal:             $161
Insurance:            $314
Transportation:        $8
Communication:   $138
Miscellaneous:         $5
Total:               $1,773

We made our goal again this month!  Even with the Celebration Dining.  Groceries are a bit lower because we were able to shop in Bellingham for a major portion of the provisioning (as opposed to the Islands).

Maintenance reflected hose / parts to install the aft head and LectraSan, plus a couple of LED bulbs.

Personal is a direct result of Kristi and I losing weight, we needed new clothes that fit.

Fuel was Propane, Oct will reflect us filling the Diesel tank for the winter.

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