Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing Fellowship

Another Sunday in the San Juan Islands.

We are drinking our coffee from our 'Sunday mugs'--favorites reserved for this day, reminding us to save the best for God.

Once again, we are not in a church building. One of our hopes for our travels was to visit churches whenever we could. But I think the ONLY one we have attended this summer was Grace Episcopal in Lopez Village.  Churches tend to be located in towns, and in our current lifestyle we tend to avoid towns as much as possible. [We have stated previously that 'going to town' is quite expensive.  We buy groceries. We pay moorage fees at marinas. We go to coffee shops, rather than brewing our own.]  Our favorite islands are those with NO towns (Sucia, Stuart, James, Cypress, Matia).

But we are soon to trade our cruising lifestyle for a home port.  At least for a few months.  That doesn't mean that if good weather presents we won't go anywhere.

But we will be in one place long enough to become 'regulars'. At a coffee shop. At the bookstore. At the library. Maybe the animal shelter, or the school, as volunteers. But certainly at a church.

I miss the 'at home' feeling of attending church. Even attending a church for the first time, there is the feeling of family, greeting brothers and sisters,  though for the first time face-to-face.

I can, and should, and do worship God wherever I am. But I miss the fellowship of church.

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