Friday, October 7, 2011

Calm Winds....

Calm winds can mean calm seas, and today they do, but today they also mean rain and fog.  But I'm not complaining.

We left Hope Island this morning planning to stop at Coupeville. But as we approached, the weather appeared to lift, and Al proposed that we continue along to Everett, estimate travel time 5 hours.  That would get us there before sunset....let's go for it!

Al called Bainbridge to make sure that arriving a day sooner than planned was alright, and it is.  We look forward to a relaxed day together Sunday before he needs to travel for work.  A church service and Pegasus Coffee sounds good to me!

Wow, the current gives us a little push and we arrive in Everett around 3 PM.

Enjoy the moment!  A bottle of wine (thank you Chuck and Betty), chocolate, a good book, and a good husband...

Plovers?  They chirped and flew away in a 'bird cloud' dance, then returned.

Another Jetty Island sunset

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