Saturday, October 1, 2011

Water and Watts Anywhere! – Additional Photos

Bits and Peaces

Here we can see most of the major components in 'raw' form.  Of special note is the Spindle, this seems to have been a hard part for most folks assembling one of these Kubota generators.  This part is readily available from Kubota, and allows one to use standard industry sheaves - as opposed to hacking something together.
Mocking Up

Mocked up.  Had more height then length available, so the frame allows for stacking.

Bringing the early system aboard
Sharp eyes will notice the radiator.  My 1st trial retained the air cooled radiator.  It worked well, but did put a bit of heat in the boat.  I have changed to a heat exchange.  Had I used a dry exhaust, I might have retained the air cooled radiator.

They early system is being brought aboard here.  Though it is lacking the CAT pressure pump for the water maker, and still has the radiator attached, it does give a good view of the back side of the unit, with the drive belts.

System in place

Early system installed.  Note radiator, simple
wrap in exhaust, and looking closely a simple
DC Mach pump to provide cooling water
for the exhaust.  We did have issues keeping the
March pump primed given how little water the aft
of Viking Star draws.

Final exhaust system is assembled using simple 3/4" Galvanized steal pipe.   At the bottom you can see the 'injection T'.  All the pre-injection components are warped for safety of people and the boat.

Note radiator has been swapped out for Heat Exchanger.
Close up on injection T

Showing the back side as best as I can.  Belts both directions (Notice the raw water pump down low)  and the CAT pressure pump and Alternator.

Single belt drives the CAT water pump
(Out of picture at the top)
and the Jabsco raw-water pump via
the gray pulley at the bottom.
Single drive belt goes to Jabsco pump (pictured lowered), and the CAT pump (out of frame at the top).

Dual drive is used for the Alternator.

Belts to Alternator.
I use Gates Green Stripe belts.

Note alternator has been converted to use an external
regulator.  This conversion cover is a standard
Leece Neville part.  See posting with part numbers.
CAT pump with clutch. 

The Water Maker Controls and operation.  
All the knobs and switches.  Note the Fine Custom Panel!

Bringing up the pressure

Almost there. . . .

Up and Running!

Pre-filters in action
(Valve for fresh-water flush is the red one above)

Testing the produced water and filling the tanks.

Taking a sample

Testing Salinity
Final Test . . 

. . . and Into the Tank!

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