Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Costs for December

Yes, it is that time again.  To see how much it Costs to Cruise on Viking Star!

Again this month was a budget buster, and again the big box was medical. Though we did get to Costco and were able to purchase an entire years worth of medicine, at much lower overall cost.  (example, local purchased 30 day supply through the insurance company cost me $12.98.  A whole year of the SAME MEDS cost $29.97 at Costco - but only if I did not go through insurance.)

Maintenance is up a bit this month as well as I purchased Oil for the generator and main motor.  Also included are new seals and carbon bushings for the ParMax water pump.  (Great to have something that can actually be serviced!)

And communication reflects additional costs to purchase the Cell Phone amplifier, as well a data card for Canada - will try that one out this summer.

Finally, Moorage includes a yearly pass to Washington State Parks.

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