Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Sailor

One of the greatest pleasures of our holiday trip to the Portland area was seeing my son for the first time since he left for Navy basic training last April.

During that time he did complete that basic training, he turned 21 and 'officially' became a man, and he has done well on his first session of schooling in the Nuke program, earning the rank of Petty Officer.

Can you tell I am a proud mama?

It was fun to hear stories of his earning the nickname 'Hello Kitty' from his instructor.  And how he enjoys teaching what he has learned, which helps him learn so much more.

It really does a mother's heart good to hear of another woman who gave up a first class airline seat for my son.  And to hear that on another flight Micah sat next to a 9-year-old girl who reminded him of his sisters, because she was picking on her little brother, and that she and Micah took turns playing on her DS game system.

He calls it a 'Dixie Cup'
Look at those long legs!

Micah and godson, Ranger

Micah:  Don't drool on my dress blues, kid!
Ranger:  Blues!  How come they are black, then?

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.  But it is looking like the Navy is a good place for my son to be.

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  1. Mama, the correct rank would be Petty Officer 3rd Class ;-) which when I was in boot camp would make him eligible to receive a salute from the new "raisens" (recruits). The "Dixie Cup" is part of the uniform affectionately called a Cracker Jack uniform. I never had the previledge of wearing a Cracker Jack, but had to stick with the "Ice Cream Salesman" uniform. Micah appears on pace to surpass my rank of Petty Office 2nd Class...Bravo Zulu! PS Great picture with his godchild! I can't wait to swap sea stories