Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a Small World!

Last summer we introduced ourselves to Hira by knocking on her boat Shatoosh and announcing 'We follow your blog!"  She invited us aboard and she told us stories of her FBR's as she calls them -- Faceless Blog Readers.

We suspect that we have a few too -- people who check out our blog, occasionally OR regularly, without going through the rigamarole of signing up to be an official Follower.

Well, today, we had OUR first knock on the boat with the words, 'I found your blog!'  It was Amy and her dog out for a morning walk.  She had seen our boat name, and looked us up.  I turned to Al and said 'I'll have to let Hira know we have our first FBR's!'  Amy didn't recognize when I said that we followed 'The Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina'.

She and her husband had brought their  boat over last night to see 'The Muppets', held over at the Palace Movie Theater here in Friday Harbor.  They live on Orcas Island, on the other side of Mt. Constitution.  Turns out, their boat is an Albin, just the kind that Hira skippers.  She told us that they meet at Roche Harbor the second weekend in September, and we said that Shatoosh had been there last summer!  She asked again what Hira's name was, and then said 'Well, I know Hira!'

This reminded me of last Sunday at church.  I had talked to Samantha one other time, when she told of a Compassionate Friends memorial that was taking place that evening.  So, last Sunday, she stopped Al and I as we were preparing to leave, and we are glad that she did!  She is a lady sailor! And Al began picking her brain for her favorite places to go.

And she said ' I should put you in touch with a friend of mine who is off cruising now, He and his wife used to live in Silverton OR'  and I laughed and asked 'Is that the Yoders Afloat?!' .  Al has been following their blog, officially, for quite a while now, and I read it on occasion also.  Another 'small world' experience.  Samantha is long time friends with Steve, I think from high school, and gets his blog sent directly by email.

So Steve and Lulu, here is a picture of me, Kristi from Viking Star, with your friend Samantha at Friday Harbor!

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  1. No kidding, a small exciting world. Fun to meet those FBR's and I did meet Amy and Phil and Midgard at the Albineer's retreat at Roche in September.