Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yup, it is time.

Remember that old joke about the Rich Guy who would purchase a new car every time his ash tray filled up?  Well, perhaps not in exactly the same vane, we are none-the-less getting some hints about our stay here in Friday Harbor..

I mentioned before about Moss on the Deck.  Here is the proof.  And I found some lines showing a bit green to them as well!

Not to mention what happens to the Inside of a boat when it sits too long at dock. . . .

-- The Look of Shame --

Finally, here is a photo of what Kristi has been calling our 'Front lawn'.

Well, take a look here!  Yup, looks to me like the Lawn might need mowing soon - so it is DEFINITELY  time to get underway!

We talked to the Port office Friday and told them we were looking to head out Feb 3rd.  This will allow us to attend a Feb 2nd Friday Harbor Power Squadron event where Terry and Linda Lush will be presenting on their travels to Broughton Islands.  Then as long as there is not a weather event we will leave the next day.

But before we get away there are a few projects which need to be completed.  First off we need to tidy the boat some.  As the photo above shows, we picked up a few (5 actually) large boxes of stuff during our last trip back to Portland.  Need to find a home for those.  Need to get the Generator / Water maker back on line, service the main engine, and hook up the aft cabin radiators into the hydronic heating system.  Busy Busy Busy!

Kristi and I have enjoyed our stay here at Friday Harbor, and very much enjoyed the hospitality offered by all we have met.  After another season of cruising there is a good chance we will winter over here again next November.  Providing we do not end up in Victoria -- got a lead on great winter rates there as well!

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