Tuesday, January 3, 2012

San Juan Island, By Car

We rented a car by the week for our trip to the Portland area over the holidays, and we brought it back to Friday Harbor crammed full of the gatherings of the trip.  We have two more days on the rental, so this morning we set out to see the island!

Mona wasn't in her pasture; she must have been sleeping in.  Pig and Cow were out in their yard, next to a sign that declared 'Peace'.  Maybe we'll get a pictures of them tomorrow.

We had breakfast at the Lime Kiln Cafe in Roche Harbor.  Since Al declared that 'December doesn't count!' on our diet, and we haven't yet done our grocery shopping to get back on Phase One of the South Beach diet, our 'non-diet' has continued for one more day.  Al has coffee with several lovely, fresh, site-made donuts, and I have one with a bacon cheddar scramble, hash browns and toast.  (The scale liked ME this morning, so I don't feel guilty at all.)  Thank you, Allie, for the excellent service and the pleasant chat!

Next, we drove down the west side of the island, checking out Mitchell Bay and the Snug Harbor Resort, San Juan County Park, and did a quick drive through the Lime Kiln Lighthouse Whale Watch Park.  We will get a Discovery Pass and come back for a closer look tomorrow.

Al contemplates Canada, across Haro Strait

San Juan County Park

Click on this one!  The Olympic Mountains look like teeth.

Phone service was not excellent on this western coast of the island, so we drove on, closer to town as time for Al's work call of the day approached.  We considered just going to the grocery store where I could do the shopping while he worked, but then I realized we would also be going right past the animal shelter.  Though we had rubbed a very friendly kitty at the San Juan County Park, we have been looking forward to a visit to the shelter, and we had a few minutes before Al's call, so he got to pat a few too!

Most of the kitties were very glad for company, and I made an effort to pet EVERY ONE, though a few were too shy.  I am kind of glad that I wasn't 'shopping' because it would have been a very difficult decision to pick just one.  

Chico has been adopted, and is just waiting for his person to return from a trip to  go home.   I love  the 'heart patch' on his chest.  He had a very deep purr.
Marcello is on his second stay at the shelter.  He is easily the BIGGEST cat there, and  he knows the drill.  He followed me from room to room.  I wanted to take them ALL home to the boat.
We took the road down to the Jackson Beach park owned by the Port of Friday Harbor.  Then continued around the point  to Shipyard Cove and stopped at the Jensen Shipyard, speaking with Alisa about the possibility of a haul out there next fall.  Also met Jim, who has traded emails with Al in the past, on a wood trawler newsgroup.

Tomorrow, we would like to return to the Lime Kiln lighthouse, and also go to  American Camp.

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