Friday, January 13, 2012


First, a picture to make you gasp at the beauty.....

What a gorgeous sunset the other night!  And I was out without my camera!  As I rushed down the dock and back to the boat, the color was fading fast, but I grabbed the camera and headed back towards the port office.  I turned around to start shooting and -- what fortune! -- Chetzemoka was coming in to harbor.

Go ahead.  Double click and take a closer look!

Have you checked the Port of Friday Harbor webcam lately?  This photo is very nearly the shot you get when you do........

It's views like this, and the friendly people in town, at the church, in Power Squadron and yacht clubs that make this town so lovely.  This morning I was sharing with Al that maybe it WAS time to be moving on.  I told him that even though last summer I was so excited to go to places we had never seen before, the longer we stay here, the more I like it!  When you are in such a beautiful, nice place, why would you EVER want to go anywhere else?

And Al admitted -- GASP!!! -- that he had been having the same thought!

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