Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things that - Work: Teflon Grease

Not sure if I should also put this under the Costs label or not as this is more about saving money then what works..  (Maybe I should create a label along the lines of 'Frugal', or 'Really Cheap Guy')

If you have even rebuilt your head, you know about the small plastic vial with the twist off top that contains Teflon Grease.  This is the stuff to use for lubing up all the sliding parts in your head.  You can also purchase a small tube of this stuff for a lot of $ at your local marine supply store.

What I did was go to a local hot-tub supply store and got a 5oz tube of Magic Lube.  This is the same stuff - Teflon based lube -  as supplied with the rebuild kits, but the 5oz tube cost me under $5.

And yes, it does work!

Note: have seen others talk about Super Lube brand as well - but it is a synthetic vs. Teflon... ymmv.

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