Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comanche Departs

OR Sunday August 12 - Noon

When we arrived at the Port Orchard marina, we found that we had been assigned a 40-foot slip for our 45-foot boat.  The lane was very narrow, and Al was uncomfortable getting into the slip.  We found that our bow hung COMPLETELY over the narrow dock, and our stern also stuck out at the back.  Cleats were not conveniently placed so that we felt securely tied.  We hailed an employee with a clipboard, and she told us that we were 'perfectly fine' there, but if we wanted, we could move to anywhere on the breakwater.

If we were uncomfortable going into the slip, getting out was even MORE tight.  But Al did it.

On the breakwater was a big, retired Coast Guard ship,  Comanche.  We thought she would make an excellent windbreak from the prevailing winds, and also from the foot ferry wakes.  She did.  Open every day for tours, there was a lot of traffic to and fro.

Sunday, Comanche was scheduled for departure to her home in Tacoma.  They were welcoming passengers for the one-way trip.  No, we did not hop on!  But we made sure we were back to the dock from the car show to watch her go.

She WAS a good windbreak.  

Tending the bow line

Gangway up!

Spring line ... 'Is our bow on the pier yet?'

Comanche leaves a bit of herself behind...

Backing away ...

... and around.

There she goes!

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