Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blake Island Creatures and Happenings

Wow, have we really not made a post since Oro Bay?

We made it to Bainbridge Island on Saturday, and on Sunday we took the ferry across to Seattle to show Pike Place Market to Chris.  Then we provisioned a bit, and returned to take a dinghy tour of Eagle Harbor.  We were surprised how far back the harbor goes from where we moored previously!

Now, we are at Blake Island, being volunteer park hosts for the next week.

The boys came down for breakfast this morning!  There were three, but this was the best picture.  I also saw a spike this afternoon.

A mama raccoon and three of her youngsters came down below the ramp and along the rocks.

Another one for the 'Butts' file?

Here's one of the spotty twin fawns -- no mama in sight today!

And, the Navy came to town for SeaFair's Parade of Ships.

And the fire boat gave a salute!

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