Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shipyards and Navy Museum

OR Sunday August 12 -- afternoon

The Bremerton Naval Shipyards are home to five aircraft carriers and two other ships, that we could see.

Ranger on the left will eventually have a home on the Columbia River in Portland.  The Kitty Hawk is on the right.

Since my son is in the Navy, and he is studying to be a Nuclear Engineer, I paid special attention to the exhibits with this emphasis.

A stylized photo in the stairway and I would SWEAR that's Micah!

The John C. Stennis is the carrier we saw returning to Bremerton last March   
The Nuclear Department is VERY important!

We sometimes do take 'sailor showers' to conserve water ....
but Al does prefer Hollywood showers!

This trip to the museum, plus the facebook chat with Micah that evening, made me feel like I had a very nice visit with my sailor!

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