Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cost to Cruise – September 2012

September came, and it has gone.  During that time we hauled Viking Star for maintenance, and made yet another unplanned trip down to Portland.  Looking at the categories maintenance was obviously up, what with the haul out and having access in Portland to my favorite marine surplus stores!

September 2012

Haul out is also reflected in Transportation, as we rented a car for the time. And another car rental for a trip back to Portland.

Personal – well, I guess I can blame that on the haul-out as well.  This is what happens when one hauls the boat out on YOUR WIFE’S BIRTHDAY!  I am applying bottom paint while Kristi has the car, credit cards,  and access to malls.

As we head back to Friday harbor for the winter we will expect a fuel bill next month which will give me another data point to calculate main engine fuel usage.  (last round put us a 0.88GPH).

As expected, solar output is down due to the yearly migration of the Sun south for the winter.  Even so, average daily output of 115Ah was above predicted modeling!  And we did have to use the generator this month – for about 1/3 of the laundry runs - to cover the drying cycle.

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