Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Cool Is That?!

I have been excited for this new experience for quite some time.  Last year when we visited Lopez Island, we tasted some Lopez Island wines, and purchased a bottle.  I checked out their website and learned that they welcome volunteers to help with their harvest.  Unfortunately, timing did not work out for us to help last Fall.

But THIS Fall, while we were laying low in Blind Bay, I received an email saying they would be harvesting the Madeleine Angevine grapes Wednesday and Thursday (today and tomorrow).  Hey, the weather was supposed to calm down -- do you want to go to Lopez?

So even though my alarm was set for 6 AM,  I was awake at 5.  Big breakfast and a 2 mile walk, and we arrived at the vineyard!

It was 44 degrees this morning.  I have a t-shirt, poly-fleece jacket,  lined windbreaker, and my wool hat.

Actually, the Tasting Room is now in the Village.

A nice archway, and a nice dog -- Jesse.

One of the coolest things of all -- I am picking grapes at the Lopez Island Vineyard when I hear and eagle cry.  I look up, and see two fly over.  How cool is that?

We are doing a 'first pass' today, where we will only pick the premium fruit.  Tomorrow we will glean the rest.

My, what a lovely bunch of Madeleine Angevine!  They nearly GLOW in the sun!

 I last until 4 o'clock.  That is a seven-hour day, for my first day of 'work' in over three years!  And, I will be walking another 2 miles back to the boat.

On the way to the vineyard, we passed THIS sign.  I had to take pictures for my daughter Casey, who LOVES kiwi fruit.

Also on the way home, I passed Neil's Mall.  This is probably the biggest 'give-and-take' in the San Juan Islands (but not your typical mall!)

And, Lopez seems to be just 'hopping' with bunnies!  I finally got a picture of one.  Not all are Peter Cottontail types. 

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