Monday, October 8, 2012

Highlights of the Past Few Days

1.  A Seattle sunrise

2. Meeting Dick and Anja Bielenberg in Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island.  We were their guests at their MTOA Friday night event.

3. Dinner with daughter Lindsay on Saturday night.  Since we chose the Cheesecake Factory, of course we had to have cheesecake!

4.  Seeing this ocean floor map in a shop window on the way back to the ferry dock.

See that little fish shaped hook to the SE of Sucia Island?  That's what we hooked with our anchor last May.  see
5.  Going through Agate Pass, and crossing another passage off our list.

6. SEEING ORCAS!  I wish, again, that I had a better camera.  This is the best photo, and you can JUST tell that is an orca fin.....

7.  It was a gorgeous day on the Puget Sound.  AAaaahhhhh, glossy water!  Life is but a dream!

The same sailboat, and another, now looking westward toward the Olympics

8.  And another beautiful sunset from Jetty Island at Everett.

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