Sunday, October 14, 2012

"This is KF7HMU - Maritime Mobile. . . . ."

Being at anchor and on the boat for three days while this fall's 1st storm passes through gave me some time to do things.  One of the long-time projects was to complete our SSB installation   Mostly this was mounting and connecting the antenna tuner, and this afternoon I completed that.
I also made my 1st radio contact!  The 14300 net was being 'kept warm' with an informal net host.  When he asked for any traffic that wished to check in, I did so!  Was a little rough as he faded in and out, him being in North Dakota and all, but when a station from Atlanta stepped into relay things went well!

This is my 1st time using an MF/HF radio, and am still learning.  But did make contact!  Still need to connect the Pactor and other refinements ala adding a ton of Ferrite Cores.  And I need to dig-out the SWR meter to see how the antenna / ground system is working.  Though we have not really needed the SSB to date, I expect when we begin moving north it will become more and more useful   Not only for HAM talks, but receiving weather Faxes, and even short Emails to keep in touch.

There is more to do.  Finishing the installation (Pactor), debugging and optimizing.  Plus a whole lot of learning around frequencies, usages, and hops..  Both HAM and proper marine SSB chanels.   But for today I got on the air and got a "5 and 7" from ND!  So, that is not too bad.  I guess.

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